Market Research

The key is to understand your market, to achieve the success in your business plans in the United States, you must learn about your customers, your market, your competitors and the industry in which you invest. With a market research you will achieve better understanding about your products and services demand and how the supply dynamics works in the area you want to sell.

We specialize in market researches for people or companies who want to start activities in the US market, we evaluate its business, prospects and competitors in the industry of interest, and we deliver a full report on maximum 10 days.

Feasibility analysis

We help you decide about the business structure that best fits your needs; we help you with tax assessment, immigration benefits and market goals.

This analysis of pre-investment allows you, through a qualitative and quantitative assessment, to know advantages and disadvantages of investing, so you can estimate how to allocate resources when investing in the US. Contact us to talk about your case.

Search and book for your business name

We assist you in creating the name for your business, Reserve your business name for up to 90 days before registration, Register your name with the state. Contact us and we review the availability of your business name for free.

Before register your company is important to check if the name of your choice is available and book it as soon as possible, so that you can start activity on social networks and buy the domain for your website, it is also important identify whether the name is similar to another trade registry to avoid intellectual property issues. If you need advice for creating the name of your company in the US, contact us and we advise you to be ideal.

Constitution of Corporations and LLC

No matter if you have a medium or small company, your investment should be assured by the legal registration of your business in the United States. The establishment of companies in the United States requires a very specific process; let us accompany you in this process. We do all the process of being formed, from initial advice to decide what kind of company should be up to your company incorporation documents (certificates articles) sending, our service does not end here, it also includes the issue of tax number and free registered agent services and virtual office for a while and last but not least also the registration for sales tax and the tax exemption certificate, please contact us to tell as we begin the process.

Our steps to the constitution:

-Contact Us
-We select the type of entity
-Choose your name
-Complete the form we send you
-Receive company documents
-We register your business with the federal and state government tax entities
-Receive all service in our offices

Registration of fictitious name (DBA – Doing Business As)

Your DBA is the name to manage your business, different from your legal name, even without registering a corporation or LLC.

The state of Florida requires you to register the name under which you have commercial operation, this allows you to open bank accounts and avoid legal issues of intellectual property, GORA World Group we can register your name in three days, contact us for guidance.

EIN, Sales Tax, ITIN

In order for your new company to operate in the United States legally, you need to be available to pay federal taxes (FEIN), state (Sales tax) and sometimes the county (surtaxes), for this, is necessary to make all required registrations and also it is necessary to have the FEIN to open bank accounts , hiring employees and paying tax obligations, it is also necessary that a natural person has ITIN if it’s not a legal resident.

We take care of all these processes for you to work only in the primary purpose of your business and operate under the legal requirements, contact us to guide you.


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