Review of public records

In GORA WG we help with the review of public information you need for commercial success of your business.

-We validate company names and trademarks.
-We validate the business of companies.
-We validate identification numbers to prevent impersonation.
-We validate the registration status of enterprises.
-We validate business addresses and telephone numbers.

If you need, our service of COMMERCIAL AGENT IN USA, we can assist you making the necessary contacts with companies you need for your purchase or sale of products or services.

Corporate image design

-We accompany you in designing your brand, logo, and slogan.

-We prepare your brand manual in a professional manner.

-We accompany you on brand strategy for your products and services.

In GORA WG we want to offer all services for your company, in one place, with all the quality and the best service.


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Representatives in California, Portugal and Colombia