Your brand is the heart of your business, it is copyrighted and you must protect it to avoid plagiarisms that impact revenue of your company, it’s also necessary that before putting a name to your business, product or service, your company validate if that mark is not registered.

GORA WG does all the steps necessary to register your brand, your logo and your slogan before state and federal agencies.

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Licenses & Permits

When you open a business in any state of the United States, you'll need some operating permits and licenses, it is important that before starting operations these documents are in order to avoid legal proceedings.

Businesses requiring licenses, among others are: Hotels and restaurants, barbershops. Maintenance and construction contractors, sales of liquor and cigarettes, certified accountants, brokers, real state and veterinarians.

Some of these procedures require training processes and tests that you must pass, so you must be sure you have the licenses that authorize you to work legally.

In GORA WG, we tell you what permits and licenses you will need and we manage what is necessary for you, to start your business operation in compliance with the law.

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When a new invention arises, then the most common need arises too, to protect intellectual property.

They may be valid for new creations of machinery, technology, any product of manufacture and even decorative items.

Process patents for new creations is crucial as offers security to make, use and sell exclusively your new invention up to 20 years and generate significant revenue for your company.

The process of obtaining a patent can be long and complex; you need specialists along the way. In GORA WG accompany you in this process


All your creations, music, art, literature and even manuals or audiovisual productions from your company are intellectual property and must be protected to avoid plagiarism that impact your income and your profitability.

Creative works that may be subject to copyright: books, songs, photographs, paintings, software, drawings, process manuals, audiovisual productions, among others.

If you consider that this creation is or will be an active generator of revenue for your company, it is better you start a process to protect it, applying for a copyright to the government of the United States. In GORA WG we handle all the necessary paperwork

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