How much I should invest?

When you invest in the United States, the amount depends on what you want to do, if you want to live in the United States, investments should be:

-$120.000 is generally sufficient to apply for nonimmigrant E2 visa, buying a business or franchise, you must also meet other requirements as; being from a country that has trade agreement with the United States.

-$900.000 to 1.8 millon are investments that can help you to apply for EB5 visa and permanent residency, in these cases you must generate at least 10 jobs, but there are alternatives such as regional centers, contact us for more information.

-$3.000 to $50.000 if you want to make other investments and your intentions are not necessarily live in the US, contact us and we evaluate more alternatives.


United States is always ready to receive foreign investment, it is also a great market to invest your money, open your business and sell your products and services, we advise people, entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to invest in the United States and open their businesses in this country, also, if you want to migrate to the US, we help with the preparation of the investment project that meets the requirements of the investor visa.

More than a consulting, we offer constant support in your investment plans, we understand the importance of the decision to invest, especially when you are outside the United States.
We help you select the type of business and the structure that best fits your interests and decide together if your investment should be establishing a new business, buying or investing in businesses operating franchises in USA.

Our services includes:

-Scan, search, evaluation, and selection of the best business opportunities.
-Contacts with potential opportunities in USA.
-Support in the assembly, opening and launch of new business.
-Purchase business running.
-Investments in franchises in USA.
-Investment in Regional Centers.
-Investments in real estate.

Business Plans

The business plan is the roadmap for your business success, helps you organize your business or business idea, meet requirements for visas or find financing.

In the United States, the investment process requires making a business plan, even if your intention is to apply for visas EB5, E2 or L1, in GORA WG, we help you meet this goal, developing plans, tailored to the commercial requirements and compliance with the requirements to apply for visas based on investment. When applying for your investor visa E-2 or Eb5, success lies in the business plan that supports the implementation and enforcement of the requirements.

Commercial Agent

United States offers a commercial dynamic and a very attractive market for those who sell products and services anywhere in the world, GORA WG offers the possibility to sell your products and services in the US market, especially in Florida, representing you and being your office in USA.

Our service includes:

-Market research to validate the relevance to sale your products and services.
-Depth study of your company, your products to properly represent your brand.
-Analysis for brand and US redesigns.
-Commercial plan.
-Visit customers.
-Exclusive phone number for your business and Receiving calls from your customers.
-All our virtual office services to offer to your brand, products and services the best image.
-We also offer representation of entrepreneurs and companies who need to shop in the US.

Green Card for Investor

Those, who have the firm intention to migrate with permanent residence to the United States and have an amount greater than $ 500,000 for investment this is the direct path to your Green Card.

EB5 Visa
The EB5 investor visa requires an investment of $1,800,000 or at least $900,000 if it is done in a rural or classified area or approved as high performance or regional center, the investor must be active in the operation of their investment and generate at least 10 jobs, benefiting the US economy.

The EB5 visa will allow the investor and his family to get, in a very short time, the permanent residence in the United States, enjoying all the benefits and starting the path to American citizenship. In GORA WG we accompany you in the evaluation and identification of investment projects and to build a solid business plan to apply for this visa, meeting all the requirements for the approval, including financial feasibility and proof of how your investment will create a sustainable business and benefits to the economy of the US.

Investor Visa

GORA WG works with entrepreneurs and international entrepreneurs in their plans to get the investor visas and live their American dream.

Visa E2
E2 investor visa is a long term nonimmigrant visa, renewable for indefinite periods for investors from countries with trade treaty with the United States, this visa is conditioned to make a substantial investment in relation to the business that is opening or buying in USA and should generate commercial benefit to the economy, which usually requires hiring employees, if the investor decides to bring employees, these are also eligible.

GORA WG does all the necessary investment studies and builds your business plan so that it meets the requirements for issuing the visa. E2 visa allows the investor to work in the United States in its own investment operation also allows your spouse to have legal work permit and their unmarried children under 21 years to study in the American system.

Visa L1
L1 visa for the transfer of executives or managers of a company with several years of existence and more than 6 employees; allows entrepreneurs to open offices in the United States and moving executives or managers to live with his family, the executive should come to USA to open and put into operation the new offices of his company.

Who request the visa must be employee from the foreign company at least 1 year, continuously and full time, in the last 3 years, before the application and will be transferred to the branch or subsidiary in the United States. The L1 visa allows to the employee, legally work, the spouse have the legal work permit and their children studying in government schools. GORA WG does all the necessary investment studies and builds the business plan to meet the requirements for issuing the visa.


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